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All started on the 17th June 1988 when a group of mates decided to spend a day at the seaside.

On reaching the beach, they at once noticed its pitiable state. The landscape had not been maintained at all. The grass had grown to such an excessive height that it was difficult to find a place to settle down. Empty plastic bottles and bags littered the beach up till the brink of the water and those could also be found floating on the surface of the water.

This certainly shocked the group of pals, but the utmost striking realisation hit them when they saw a mother preventing her child to run barefoot freely on the sandy beach, just because the sand compromised of crushed glass bottles, which would hurt the child.

How can a child go to the seaside and is still unable to run freely on the beach? How can it be that a child cannot enjoy the freedom of the seaside and the touch of the sand?? The beach is one of the rare places where parents can let their children run free and wild, then why not anymore?

This realisation of the pitiful state of this public beach propelled the group members to take action. They could not accept the fate of the unique beaches of their island- beaches which are also considered as key factors of the tourism industry of the island.

So they all came up with the idea that they should, from now on, help in improving the state of the environment so as to make the future more livable. It is from then onwards that EPCO came to exist.

The organization was registered with the money obtained by organizing a fund raising activity, namely, “Corbeille Ménagère”.

Since then, EPCO has participated in various campaigns and fought umpteen battles so as to keep up to its motto, which is “LIVE FOR A MORE LIVABLE FUTURE”.

More details about the undertaken, ongoing and forthcoming activities and campaigns by EPCO can also be found on the website.


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